Under The Doctor

Under The Doctor

“My doctor’s great, but I’m just not getting better!!”

“She’s tried to talk to me about my involvement in my own recovery but I haven’t wanted to listen”

“We need to talk but we’re both too busy!”

“My doctor’s really done everything he could”

“My doctor said that I was very lucky. She got the problem just in time – but it keeps on coming back”

“I’ve gone from one doctor to another”

“My doctor’s been very straight with me. He says he’s done all he can”

“I don’t want her to refer me for more tests or to another specialist”

Your doctor has more knowledge about medicine than you, but you know a lot more about you than he does and probably a lot more about this disease than you both realise.

What can you do to start getting better, rather than relying totally on him?

Recovery needs to be a partnership.