Our Current Beliefs

Our Current Beliefs

Most of us have developed certain operational restrictions that we use to keep us feeling safe in life.

We maintain beliefs, experience a range of feeling states, and entertain a range of thoughts that we interpret as “facts” or “true”.

These may actually be personal interpretations and constraints who’s value lies in helping us maintain equilibrium in a fast changing world. To be available for multiple perspectives isn’t often practical and the uncertainty of such an existence is too frightening to maintain for long.

However, some of these constraints may need to be temporarily unmasked in order to lift the underlying physiological restrictions if a cure is to be attempted.

Many aspects of life are so consistent and “matter of fact”, that we regard them as irrefutable “facts”. This makes life so much simpler.

But when it comes to personal issues and beliefs, we may attribute the same surety to them when they are not so certain. Our beliefs contribute to our feelings of safety and control, but they may also be making us biologically more rigid.

This lack of flexibility may be adversely affecting our capacity to respond fully and expansively to a threat to our own organism, confining our immune response and increasing our susceptibility to disease.

The m3health Program is a way of unlocking the rigidity to which we’ve become accustomed. It requires of the inquirer that he opens his mind a little and becomes available for new realisations, new feelings, thoughts and perspectives.

He’ll need to be willing to experience the discomfort or fear of releasing old defences and risking incremental exposure to the unknown. His suffering may temporarily increase. There’s no point in replacing old rigidities with new ones.

New beliefs held with the same rigidity as the old ones are not helpful. Coming to recognise that all thoughts and beliefs can potentially stop healing is a step forward.

Understanding the implications of this takes time.

The m3health Program removes old restrictions to our beliefs, thoughts and feelings, and restores our healing potential by freeing us to be more responsive.

Being more responsive means that our healing mechanisms can respond quicker and more completely to any external threat or to any internal imbalance.

Undertaking the m3health Program begins the healing process.

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