Love Your Disease

Love Your Disease

The m3health Program has developed from the ideas and understandings introduced by the book

Love Your Disease
It’s keeping you healthy

by John Harrison

Angus & Robertson (UK Australia) 1984
Hay House (USA) 1990

Since the publication of that seminal work nearly twenty years ago, m3health has been developing and testing a program that will give you direct access to tools for managing your own health and well being.

m3health uses the principles outlined in “Love your Disease”.

The m3health Program is designed for use in conjunction with other health strategies provided by your doctor and other health attendants.

Over the past 30 years thousands of books about health care have been written by a multitude of authors, often based upon an idea or hypothesis without regard for clinical experience.

Many of the suggested methodologies had little chance of working in the real world.

Some treatments that became popular when they showed early promise have proved unsustainable with the passage of time and experience.

m3health makes use of developments that have proven themselves to be effective.

The validity of the m3health approach has been confirmed by more than 25 years of clinical experience.