Immune, Endocrine Systems

Immune, Endocrine Systems

The m3health program improves the functioning of the immune and endocrine systems of the body.

These two systems are vital for maintaining health and recovering from illness.

If these systems are not working properly, no treatment, whatever it is, will be effective.

The Immune system protects the body from external elements such as bacteria, viruses, allergens and pollution.

Should they enter the body the immune system removes them.

The Endocrine system is responsible for the internal functioning of the organs.

If an imbalance occurs within the body the endocrine system corrects it.

The m3health Program identifies and rectifies restrictions upon these two systems, making them more responsive.

Such restrictions take the form of old attitudes, beliefs, opinions and emotions that we’ve acquired during our lives.

They’re the defence or protective mechanisms that we’ve assembled in order to feel safe.

But sometimes they obstruct healing.

Many of them are well past their “use by” date.

The m3health Program releases them and in so doing frees the mind and subsequently the body physiology to heal us.

The m3health program makes healing possible.

At the end of the Program, you probably won’t be able to say how you became well.