Availability For Healing

Availability For Healing

“If you’re very, very careful, then nothing bad, or good, will ever happen to you.” Ashleigh Brilliant

Being available means being open to new understandings.

It means taking a risk.

The risk is not to life or limb usually, but to old opinions and views which have kept us safe until now, but may be getting in the way of the next step in our life.

Being available means that you do not know the answers before you begin.

“If, just if, there’s something in this new way of looking at health, I’ll be well placed to benefit from it. I’m not sure how it works, but I’ll give it a try”

Being un-available means that we’re sure…, certain…, right…, positive that we know. Nothing new can penetrate our consciousness. We have fixed ideas about how something will look if it’s going to work.

This guarantees that any new advance in healing will pass us by.

When we dismiss something out of the ordinary as just so much mumbo jumbo, as unscientific, unproven, anecdotal, we fail to acknowledge that this is our fear speaking, not the objective analysis we claim it to be.

The addiction to what we “know” is a very seductive addiction, and one of the most difficult to overcome.

When it comes to healing, no two people are equally available.

What’s your potential?

Becoming available is not easy. We’ll fool ourself that we’re available but we won’t be. Our old conditioning and our old defences will fight to interpret new discoveries in terms with which we’re comfortable, urging us to return to the safety of the known.

Opening our mind is not enough. We must open our senses, our heart, our soul – our everything.

This lifetime journey of discovery is the same for all of us. You, me and all our fellow human beings, doctors and doormen, patients and poets, builders and ballerinas alike.