Obstruction To Healing

Obstruction To Healing

Whether or not healing is being prevented from taking its natural course is subjective.

Sometimes you might feel that the condition is hanging on for too long although you’re being advised that the time frame is not unusual.

At other times both you and your medical advisor may agree that you should be better by now.

Here are a few questions which you might ask yourself in order to determine if you’ve really recovered or if you’ve perhaps come to accept chronic ill health, forgetting what it was like to be really well.

In responding to these questions, it helps to have an initial response that you don’t edit. Just let whatever comes up, come up. Later you may have another response.

As there are no right and wrong answers, what matters is that you have a response consisting of thoughts, emotions, perhaps bodily sensations and maybe even do something.

No-one else is commenting on your responses, so you may want to review them yourself later.

For this reason it helps to tape them or write them down.

If no-one else is commenting upon them, how do your responses help you?

By witnessing your own responses, listening to them with new ears, seeing them with new eyes, feeling them with expanded emotions, your relationship with your responses changes.

You now see the problem to which you were responding, differently. It no longer has the hold on you it had, for it wasn’t really the problem.

Your responses to the matter were the real problem.

As you free yourself from your controlled responses, your immune system likewise frees itself.

Chronic disease is characterised by an under-functioning immune system.

The m3health Program is designed to free up the immune system and remove the disease.

If we respond to another person, doctor, psychiatrist, healer or guru, we focus much of our energy upon being judged by that person.

We cast them in the role of a parent, often a benevolent parent we never had, hoping that finally we’ll be approved of.

By so doing we become more defended, not less defended, and our immune system continues to suffer.

We may have replaced the criticism of ourselves with the approval of someone else, but this matters little to an immune system labouring under the weight of any judgements, no matter whether “good” or “bad”.

By considering our own responses we become our own parent, judging ourselves less and enjoying ourselves more.

The process of inquiring augments or enhances the body’s own healing mechanisms.

During the m3health Program inquiry into you and your life, the thoughts, feelings and actions that arise in the course of the inquiry assist healing.

Concluding, deciding and judging are less helpful.

Hullo Mr Respondent, Dr Mirror will see you now.

Are you suffering from any complaint at the moment?

How long have you had it?

Was it diagnosed?

Did you have any investigations?

Were you referred to a specialist?

Were you hospitalised?

Did you receive a course of treatment?

Was your course of recovery uneventful?

Did you recover within the time frame your medical advisor suggested you would?

Did you take any medication?

Did you get a second opinion?

Did you either feel inclined or did you actually attend a practitioner of a discipline?

different from your original doctor, e.g. an “alternative” or “complementary” medical practitioner?

Have you had this condition previously?

Was your recovery easier on the previous occasion?

Are you unhappy with the medical advice or treatment which you’ve received for this complaint?

Do you have feelings of being ignored or dismissed by the doctor/s?

Are you of the belief that this problem is likely to return?

Do you believe that you can improve your state of health?

Are you willing to accept your current level of well being?

Has there been a suggestion that this condition has a “psychological” basis?

What was your response to that suggestion?

Do you want to become more active in your own recovery?

Are you willing to help your doctor to get you better?

Is all this pissing you right off?

All your responses (thoughts, feelings, actions) are significant. Some you’ll like and others you won’t. Some you’ll think are right and others wrong, some appropriate and others not.

All are to be allowed and eventually welcomed if healing is to happen. No response needs editing.

Mostly we don’t have a clue what the response is about or where it came from. “Knowing” these things tends to slow healing, not facilitate it.

Being prepared to accept any response, thought, feeling or action, wherever it comes from, is to remain within the inquiry and not close off the process.

We’ve been taught that knowing and certainty are good and that uncertainty and irresolution are bad.

Staying open is often annoying and can bring uncomfortable feelings to the surface.

These will pass.

Come back to the process later if you’re feeling too irritated to continue.