If a doctor asks a patient “How often do you masturbate?”…. the answer may be…..”Once a fortnight”.

If a computer asks the same patient the same question the answer may be….. “Three times a week!”

The m3health Program is undertaken by you, not your doctor. His role is important but different from yours.

The m3health Program is designed to involve your doctor. The frequency with which you consult your usual medical attendant concerning your responses to the m3health Program is a matter concerning yourself and your doctor.

You may have a good relationship with your health attendant which means that you discuss your responses more fully.

The purpose of your relationship with m3health is to improve your relationship with yourself. Your most vital relationship in your own healing is with yourself.

m3health will never communicate with any other party concerning you, except to deal with payment queries or problems.

m3health also offers payment methods other than credit cards which provide an additional level of anonymity, should that be your choice.

m3health does not identify its convenors as we believe that your interests are best served by remaining anonymous, and for you to retain your relationship with your own medical advisors and enhance your relationship with yourself.

Medical Authorities are not always aware of what the public wants, and new, effective forms of healing such as the m3health Program sometimes take a while to become established within the medical community.

With your doctor’s help you may need to do a bit of research yourself into your own problem.

Your power to discern and take responsiblity for your decisions is vital to your healing.

Your health may be better served by not handing responsibility to someone else, however competent and well meaning he or she may be, but by entering into a “health partnership” with your medical advisors.