The Inquiry Process

The Inquiry Process

The m3health Program is an inquiry.

To inquire is to look with new eyes and not with one’s mind already made up about “how things are”. In an Inquiry, certainty is replaced by uncertainty.

Uncertainty acknowledges that healing may lie beyond “knowing”. The m3health Program is open ended, which means that it doesn’t aim for a conclusion.

It admits any realisation, recognition, information or “facts” even though they may not conform with accepted knowledge.

It requires the inquirer to be prepared to experience some discomfort or fear in entering into areas previously avoided.

It assumes that there are no experts and avoids seeking the “truth”, preferring to recognise the subjectivity of views and “facts” in the personal field.

It’s relevance is limited.

It recognises that “right” and “wrong” interpretations are unhelpful.

It does not require that “progress” is made.

It has no time frame to which it must adhere.

An inquiry is not dependent upon conventional wisdom nor upon scientific theses.

It is free to explore areas which have no obvious connection with the m3health Program.

It does not seek to validate or to justify itself.

An Inquiry has no intention.

How can the m3health inquiry help me?

The m3health Program releases your healing potential.

How does that work?

The body has evolved powerful, complex healing mechanisms over millions of years. Two systems vitally concerned with maintaining health are the immune system and the endocrine system. The former keeps us in a healthy co-existence with our environment, while the latter maintains the internal equilibrium.

This latter function is called homoeostasis. Mounting evidence suggests that a person’s thoughts and feelings can influence the functioning of these systems, making us more… or less… susceptible to disease.