Life As Healer

Healing comes not from medical interventions but from life. What does this mean?

Life is virtually undefinable, but lets say its all the energies associated both with ourselves and with our surroundings.

What are these energies? Energy is a word which has the potential to sound like a new age mantra, but as mooted by Einstein’s equation linking matter and energy, everything must be regarded as interrelated.

So we and our surroundings are made up of energy and matter, and though we don’t think about it much, without the surroundings we’d only survive for a millisecond.


We all strive for balance perhaps without thinking much about what it is and what it implies. Perhaps this is because it means something different to each of us.

A sportsman will say that to balance his life he has to train no more than four hours a day five days a week, play the game on the weekend and rest one day. To a parent with three young children, such a life would be totally unbalanced as she strives to accommodate lunches, school, sports, activities and her own part time job.

A Tibetan Lama might say balance is when he can meditate for hours in the snow and think of nothing.

What might be the advantages of balance should one achieve it?

There's Something Wrong With Me

In any 24 hr period it is estimated that the average Western child receives several hundred negative messages and only 20 or so positive messages. The negative messages needn’t be anything profound, but little things like “Now come on. I’ve told you before. Don’t wipe peanut butter on the dining room walls!” Disapproval of one form or another might be a better way of putting it. Confronted with so much big person disapproval, the small child has little option but to conclude that “there’s something wrong with me”, since his presence on the Planet has not been met with universal bliss by both or either parent.