Life As Healer

Life As Healer

Healing comes not from medical interventions but from life.

What does this mean?

Life is virtually undefinable, but lets say its all the energies associated both with ourselves and with our surroundings.

What are these energies? Energy is a word which has the potential to sound like a new age mantra, but as mooted by Einstein’s equation linking matter and energy, everything must be regarded as interrelated.

So we and our surroundings are made up of energy and matter, and though we don’t think about it much, without the surroundings we’d only survive for a millisecond.

Without the heat from the Sun we’d snap freeze in a moment, without the air we’d last a few minutes, and without water we’d survive a few days at most.

It makes sense to think of ourselves as connected to our surroundings and universe in a way which, should that connection be broken, we’d perish. We choose most of the time not only to deny the connection but attempt to control it.

Hence we change the face of the planet for our own needs and worry about the inevitable consequences later, applying another usually temporary solution to the side effects. We prefer to think of ourselves as in control of our surroundings and in control of life.

This need for control is understandable given the obvious fact that we’re at a point of our own evolution that is capable of understanding the rudiments of our existence only.

Of course science is loathe to admit this and dresses up its understanding of us and the universe in terms which imply that we shouldn’t worry, that modern science has almost completed its understanding of nature and is well advanced in controlling it.

The Genome project in which much of the physical nature of the genes have now been mapped has been typical of this misinformation, the implication being that we are on the brink of understanding and rectifying all human disease.

This attitude sells careers, scientific papers and of course, newspapers. But is it true?

It might be the case that the human brain has evolved only far enough to understand a few elementary aspects of its own existence. The rest it makes up.

We have evolved due to the circumstances in which we find ourselves. We didn’t create them nor dictate them. The marvelous body physiology which we possess, miraculous in its breadth and itself constantly evolving with the planet and the universe, is all but beyond us.

Whenever human beings are unable to explain or even measure something, theories take over from facts and become, in time, the accepted truth.

For a while at least, no-one looks for any alternative explanation as the matter has been decided upon by someone, usually an expert committee, and as far as they’re concerned, the matter has been put to bed.

It has become fact. Iconoclasts who see it differently are excommunicated, or like the “round earthers”, declared insane.

Nature however, is rarely represented on expert committees.

Nature is evolving away, keeping us alive, trying to rectify our follies and basically being denied any role in our healing and being abused for the symptoms which it produces to alert us to the fact that there is an underlying imbalance requiring correction.

Nature is annoying and recalcitrant. Nature does not understand our time lines. We need to be made better and we need it now, and in order to make that happen, we rob Peter to pay Paul, creating an additional burden for our healing mechanisms in order to remove the symptoms of our suffering and for which we must later pay.

Nobody is going to do anything about this until something happens which alerts him to the process and in order to achieve a greater healing, looks at things differently.

It is very difficult to eschew the values with which we have been raised and which society demands of its members.

Transgressions of thought and action by members of society invoke sanction and reprimand, even if those actions and contributions are in the interests of everyone.

But let’s say our member of society has been alerted to her need to invite some healing capability into her life which she has hitherto rejected or been unaware of.

What can she do? Does she just need to become aware of the healing power of nature and nature will do the rest? Does she have to assist nature in some way? Does she have to eschew all conventional wisdom and perhaps conventional treatment?

Does she have to do anything?

The answers to these very real and practical questions is: “There are no answers to them”.

The nature of an enquiry and exploration is that answers arrived at too early tend to close off the exploration in exchange for a feeling of knowing the answer and the feelings of safety which come from that.

There’s an energy from living within the inquiry which cannot be described nor attained through effort. It is a renewed acquaintance with the life force, a new communication and penetration by life energies.

Maybe it requires no more than being prepared to declare and explore availability. Am I available? What does that mean? We often hear people say that the older they become the less they know.

The old joke “Give a teenager a job whilst he still knows everything” is indicative of the same understanding. It can be infuriating to have someone say that within the “not knowing” arises healing, that within the uncertainty of life resides the grace of living.

But then again, what would m3health know?